Issue 031

“As we each face our own obstacles, stories can provide a touchstone for the journey. Surely somewhere in the tales we read, the answers we seek are waiting for us. Sometimes things are simply hard and right now many of us are facing this harsh new world we’re in and struggling. But just as the heroes in our tales do, we all endure. For we must. I believe a happier ending for us all is still possible, but to get there we must persist.” – from the editorial



  • "Editorial, Issue 031" by
  • "Seven Kinds of Baked Goods" by
  • "You and Me and Mars" by
  • "Led Astray" by
  • "Beacon of Truth" by
  • "In the Frozen, Ancient City" by
  • "The Mercenary" by
  • "The Watchers" by
  • "The Red Tree" by
  • "All Tales Must End" by
  • "Hunting the Blue Rim" by
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