Issue 025

Welcome to the 25th issue of Luna Station Quarterly! It’s the beginning of our seventh year of publication, and another year of bringing you, our loyal readers, an exciting assortment of magickal tales by some amazing women.

On an alternate earth during World War I, there are women who create sigils in ink and paper that can make airplanes fly …

A young Brazilian girl accepts a dare to visit the local fortune teller, who may or may not have an alligator head …

A selkie comes to shore and stays by choice, and she meets a mysterious woman who looks after her when her life takes a sad turn …

These courageous, multi-faceted, very real women, and others like them, await you within these pages. You can help bring them to life. We hope very much that you will.


  • "Editorial, Issue 025" by
  • "Mama Cuca" by
  • "Late Arrivals" by
  • "Ropes of White Bone, Wings of Dark Magic" by
  • "The Second Battle" by
  • "Flightcraft" by
  • "Prelude" by
  • "Halfway Up and Halfway Down and Nowhere At All" by
  • "The Third Kind" by
  • "Cradle Song" by
  • "Salt-Skin and Pie" by
  • "Stiff" by
  • "The Lottery Winner" by
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