Issue 017

Our fifth year kicks off with this extra-large collection of stellar stories. This issue is filled with themes of sacrifice, life, death, and those who manage to stick around long past their sell-by date.


  • "Editorial, Issue 017" by
  • "The Absence of Feathers" by
  • "Fire and Ice" by
  • "Scylla in Blue Light" by
  • "The Flock" by
  • "Mission Critical" by
  • "Papa" by
  • "A Day at the Beach" by
  • "Swamp Music" by
  • "Good Mother" by
  • "Wide Open Spaces" by
  • "The Woodsman" by
  • "My Fair Robot" by
  • "Gold Dust City 9. The Tunnel" by
  • "When the Sea is Blue and the Shallows Clear" by
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